06 September 2012

Capt. Joe & Son's

Let's say you are north of Boston and you want to get lobster because it is in season, and the price is right.  Where will you go?  Definitely not the supermarket -- who knows how long the lobsters have been in that "processed" water. 

I would strongly suggest that you head to 95 East Main Street in Gloucester, MA (on the water side). It is worth the drive.  Once you are on East Main, don't drive too fast or you might miss the sign. 

As you drive down the short path, you may think that they only sell wholesale, but you would be wrong.   They do sell retail.
This is not a fancy"storefront" where the price you pay covers their window treatments. 

If the main door is open, just walk in.
Walk all the way to the end ... But not past the other door or you will find yourself swimming in the Gloucester harbor.  Right before the end, on the right hand side you will find tanks filled with lobsters.  Joey Ciaramitaro will most probably be there (if he is not taking pictures or working on the GMG blog) and with his no-nonsense style will give you (all right, sell you) the lobsters that you want.

I was there, again, yesterday and the lobsters I bought were really great.  Our 9 year old went crazy about hers.  She has not stopped talking about the tasty, meaty lobster she had.
So, don't wait.  Put their address in your GPS

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree! They taste fabulous!! Thanks Joey!