10 August 2012

Summer Lovers

Back in the '80s, when I first went to the United States everyone was asking me if I had seen the movie "Summer Lovers" -- which I had not. (For those not in the know, this movie is not what you would call a cinematic masterpiece.  It just shows a lot of perky female breasts bobbing around on the island of Santorini, including those belonging to Daryl Hannah).  I finally saw some of this movie recently when it was shown on cable.

In any event, and fast forward to 2012.  I am in Varkiza, Greece and I am walking around the small harbor looking for interesting fishing boats.  It is about 8:00 pm the temperature is still hovering around 40 Celsius and there are plenty of people at the beach.  I took this picture trying to capture the number of people swimming in the Aegean.  It was after I looked at it on my laptop that I realizedI had capture a real version of "Summer Lovers"

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