20 August 2012

Greek Salad

When I first came to the United States back in '82, I was taken out for lunch by a Greek American couple who were friends of family friends.  They took me out to Demos of Watertown, MA, in case I was homesick.  They insisted that I order a Greek salad.  I obliged, but to my surprise, I was served a concoction comprising lettuce, cabbage, celery chunks, olives, feta cheese, olive oil, and a couple of tomatoes.    When I questioned the "Greekness" of the salad I was told that this is indeed a Greek salad!!!

Well, that kind of salad really, really, really is NOT Greek.  The basic salad Greeks consume comprises tomatoes, cucumber, feta, oregano, olives and olive oil and often green peppers and onion.  It is also referred to as Χωριάτικη Σαλάτα (Horiatiki Salata = Village Salad).    Those who have visited Greece know that on most tables this is the kind of salad that Greeks consume -- specially in the summer.  So, since we spent over two weeks in Greece this summer, I decided to take a few pictures of what we Greeks call a salad to share with the visitors of this blog.

I took the bottom two photos of the salads with my cell phone.  But I hope that you still get the idea.
Summary: No lettuce, no celery, no cabbage.  Tomatoes? Yes; Cucumber? Yes; Pepper? Yes; Feta? Yes; Onion? Yes; Oregano? Olive Oil? Salt? Yes, yes and yes :-)

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