29 May 2012

Tuna Wars :-)

Long before National Geographic started showing the series "Tuna Wars" I shot this image.  Actually I shot it a couple of years ago.

In case you have not figured it out, these are tuna fish tails nailed to the wall of the building -- the "big" kind of tuna... the ones weighing around 500 lbs (220 kg)

Yes I am watching the series (after all it is about Gloucester) and they show the same wall on every episode!!!

Fast forward to "today"...  This past Saturday, I went to check the wall.  It has changed a bit in only one way.  There are more tails nailed.  More tails, means good catches.  And with an average of $5-8 thousand, for the fisherman, per fish (you've got to love the Japanese), that has to be good !!!

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