23 February 2012


Do you ever feel that you have less and less privacy?  Everything you do may be recorded for whatever reason?  This is how I felt the other day when I was in Gloucester, MA and a  helicopter was hovering over the city.  It eventually came over the beach I was with my son and slowed down.

Really there was nothing going on at the beach except for a few people looking for beach glass.  I looked up with my camera and saw that this was a news helicopter from FOX Channel 25.  So, I decided to take pictures of it.

 Check out the camera in the front.  It has been turned to the belly of the helicopter, and it seems that it is not taking video.

I do not know if you can see it in the second picture but the person is looking down at the beach (or my camera).  Then the helicopter left ... but within a few minutes it came back.

Same routine with me.  Specially since I noticed that the camera on the second pass was turned towards the the beach.  It seemed that they were shooting footage now.

I have no idea what had happened, or whether the footage (if any) was shown on TV.  But what amazes me is that we have given up on our expectation that our right to privacy will be respected. 

Comments or thoughts welcome -- as always.

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