27 February 2012

Clean Monday

... or as we call it in Greece: Καθαρά Δευτέρα (Ka-tha-rah The-fté-rah), is a fun holiday in Greece -- specially if you are a child.  The carnival is over, about 40 days of fasting before Easter is here, tasty lagana bread, Halvah, and a diet of non animal products.  All the children, and many adults, fly kites.

I will never forget, as a child growing up in Greece, getting up on Monday morning with my money in hand rushing to buy the best looking kite I could afford on my allowance.  Then run home where my grandfather would help me shred an old newspaper to make the tail of the kite.  Next, measure cut, center and tie the strings.  Then heading to the nearest open space as far as possible from power lines with my friends.  So today (Καθαρά Δευτέρα 2012) I took my son to fly his kite.  No need to do the elaborate work.  Tails, strings, etc., came already prepacked.

We headed to the beach.  It was very windy by the ocean, so I helped him release his dinosaur kite slowly -- to get used to it.

Then we let it soar.

He, like I many many years ago, enjoyed it immensely although at times he seemed quite concerned with the force of the wind, fearing his kite would fly away.

There are many more things associated with Clean Monday (like the beginning of the fast, the end of Carnival, etc.), but to me flying the kite is still the most important.  No, I will not grow up :-)

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