22 January 2012

Snow in Gloucester, MA

Yesterday we got a good amount of snow.  I was going to drive to Gloucester early in the morning, but then I postponed it until the afternoon since, well with cloudy skies the light does not play the same games....

It was quite cold.  The snow kept on falling until past 3:30 pm.

Since we all know that a little snow does not scare the fishermen, I drove to my favorite spot to see what was going on.

There was the Princess Laura with its nets spread out on the pier.

The snow had covered everything.

There were other treasures too...  I am not sure how these fish (skates and flounder) found their way on the pier .. I suspect that they were caught by the nets and then left for the seagulls.

Everything looks so different after the snow has fallen.

However, the only thing that does not change is that the fishermen (and women) of Gloucester still go out ...

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