29 January 2012

Diving Locker Museum


Today I visited the Diving Locker Museum  in Gloucester, MA.  It is a fascinating place tucked away in Gloucester, in the lower level of the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center. 


Paul Harling is the owner and operator of this small but full of interesting artifacts museum.  Paul is a former science teacher in the Gloucester school system.  And I would call him a crazy diver.  It is said that Paul made his first dive in 1949 using home made diving equipment consisting of a converted Army Gas Mask and two friends pumping air.  He dove in the Annisquam River.

The Diving Museum does not charge a fee but it is packed with wet and dry suits diving bells
including the a Helium Hat above (like the one Cuba Gooding Jr wore in the movie Men of Honor)


Pretty much everything in this small museum has a story (or history) behind it.  But it would take me days to describe it.  The air force uniform, above, saved a diver's life. 

This piece, a masthead light junction, came from the Andrea Doria which sank off Nantucket, MA in 1956.  Paul brought it up in 1964.

So, if you want, feel free to drop by and talk to Paul.

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