08 January 2012

Cooper's Hawk

Today, I was lucky enough to spot a Cooper's Hawk.  It was by a pond (near which BTW, were full bird feeders).  It seemed that it was looking for an opportunity to grab the fish -- which it did not.

After drinking some water it stood on a plank observing its surroundings.  Now, it had become comfortable with my presence, so, it did not seem bothered that I moved around!!!

 And then, it noticed a squirrel high up on a tree.  I know that these hawks prefer a diet of birds, but yet, as you can see it took an interest in the squirrel. 

 This fellow was lucky (and possibly smart).  The hawk did not bother it.

While I was looking at the squirrel, the hawk decided to fly away.  A couple of flaps of its wings and it was gone;  I did not even have the chance to photograph it as it was leaving.

Interesting fact about Cooper's Hawks: "As in most hawks, males are significantly smaller than their mates. The danger is that female Cooper’s Hawks specialize in eating medium-sized birds.  Males tend to be submissive to females and to listen out for reassuring call notes the females make when they’re willing to be approached. Males build the nest, then provide nearly all the food to females and young over the next 90 days before the young fledge."

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