17 January 2012

Cat Eyes

"This is a great present to start the new year; thank you"

Stop (sound of screeching brakes). Rewind.  Really, really rewind.   Go back ...

19 June 2009.  6:00 am.  Place Gloucester, MA -- the harbor.  This is when I took these pictures.

A couple of days ago, I was  showing my wife the pictures of Gloucester Harbor that I have selected.  She made an interesting comment.  She said: "You really like that boat -- Cat Eyes."  Without really having paid much attention, I realized that I, indeed, had selected 4 images of the boat Cat Eyes.

I looked at the pictures carefully, and noticed that I had taken pictures of two boats with the same name.  The set that was taken in 2009, and the other in 2011.

I found that intriguing.  So, I googled the name of the boat, and found the history of the boat, and its owners (Naz & Sandra).

Yes, these are two different boats, but the old one finally was given for wood scrap and the second one is the one Naz uses for fishing.

The history of the boats is interesting, but the name is what romantic stories are made of. 
Sandra's father, an Italian fisherman, used to call her "gli occhi del gatto" which when translated into English means cat eyes.  You have to see Sandra's eyes and their piercing blue color to understand why her father called her so.  One day Naz, surprised Sandra by renaming their first boat "Cat Eyes" -- a name that was transferred to their new boat. 

Without thinking about it twice, I printed the 4 images on 13x19 paper and decided to give them to the Naz and Sandra.  It only took a couple of days of web searching to find where they live, and yesterday afternoon I drove up to their home.

After the shock of having someone unknown to them appear on their front step passed, I showed them the images.  I laid them on their kitchen table and they were very happy because, as Naz said,  they did not have clear images of the boats.

We chatted for over an hour about fishing permits fishing seasons, quotas, fuel, Greenpeace and many other topics that obviously were of interest to both of us.

But what made me very happy was Sandra's statement: "This is a great present to start the new year; thank you."

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