28 December 2011

Rockport (#2)

I do not particularly care for Rockport, MA.  It is a great town for busloads of tourists in the summer, and has no restaurants to speak of in the winter (at least in the downtown area).  Yet, I seem to find myself there about once a year... Yes, in the off season.

But on 26 December it was a gorgeous day and we drove around Cape Ann.  Rockport and (my favorite) Gloucester, MA (new images soon).

The sun was bright enough.  The temperature cold enough, and there were no clouds in the sky.  So, I had to take the shot that I always do, from the same perspective I always do...  There is no Photoshoping with this image.  I did use a polarizer on the camera, because I do not like spending endless hours removing the glare.  But other than that, just a little cropping and contrast fixing in post.

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