21 November 2011

Fire Hydrants

**** A good explanation on the color combination by my friends Pavlos & Paul at the end ****

Last Sunday I was in St. Louis MO.  My flight landed early, but I could not check in at the hotel until about 2:00 pm because it was fully booked and they had no available rooms.  So, what I was to do?  I grabbed my camera bag and decided to walk around d/town St. Louis.

I was looking for a different angle to shoot the arch, but then I noticed something interesting when I turned around and saw these two fire hydrants.  Same city same block (pretty much) but different color fire hydrants.

Then I decided to see if there are more color combinations for the St. Louis fire hydrants.  I was lucky.  I was able to find a total of 6: Blue & yellow, blue & red, red & yellow, black & silver, blue & silver, and black & yellow.

I had to photograph every one of them :-)

After the first 3 hydrants it took me some time to find new color combinations.  But as you can see form the images, below, I was not disappointed.  I do not know how many more color matches are  out there, but I ran out of time.  Maybe next time I visit St. Louis there will be more.

This black & silver was hidden in the bushes at the park by the St. Louis Arch.

The following two near Washington and 8th streets

****According to my friend Pavlos K. " the top color indicates the outflow in gallons per minute. The cap color indicates pressure", and according to my friend Paul O. " AWWA and NFPA standards require color coding for flow and pressure. There are variations on what one might consider the "standard" colors."****

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