07 November 2011


Over the past few years I have photographed amateur boxing events sponsored by the NIASHF - Boston chapter.

I am always fascinated by the strength and determination of these young fighters be it young men

or young women.

 They don't hold their punches back, and they are not afraid of losing theirs or getting in contact with their opponents' blood.

All they want to do is to win the fight, to win the prize, for their families and the world... 

And perhaps move to professional boxing.  We hear of all the stories of those who were "damaged" by all the blows in the head.  However, there are many boxers who are doing quite fine.

One of them is Mr. Tony DeMarco.  Tony was born in January 1932.  He is a world welterweight champion.  At 79, and despite all the blows, he is a fine man (happily married for decades), he is involved with a lot of charitable activities, and he is about to get a statue in his honor in Boston's North End.

Or John Ruiz, "The Quietman".  John, born in 1972,  is the first Latino Heavyweight champion.  He is calm and quiet by nature (hence the nickname). John runs a successful boxing school in Medford, MA

These men and women are engaging in one of the most ancient sports.  Keeping a tradition alive, and taking all the punches.  I bow to them (since I wouldn't stand against them :-)) and wish them luck in everything they do.

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