16 November 2011


When I walk, I rarely look at where my feet are going.  For some strange reason, I prefer looking at my surroundings --  you see, I do not want to miss anything that is going on.  A little over a year ago, I posted  a picture of a seal in Boston's inner harbor.  People were walking by the little channel where the seal was swimming, and nobody realized that a seal was there -- pretty much the same people who would pay $30.00 to oohhh and aaaahhhh over the same kind of seal in an aquarium...

Fast forward to two days ago.  On Tuesday morning (around 7:00 am) I was walking around St. Louis, MO by the Renaissance Hotel (on Washington Street).  Right there on the concrete outside wall of the hotel was this dark spot.  As you can tell from the colors in the picture, below, you could not miss it -- really. 

Yet, people were walking by without realizing that this poor soul was a bat, stuck on that wall
holding on for dear life until the sun sets.  It was not big.  No more than a couple of inches (as the 2-inch groove on  the picture above shows).  But it was literally hanging "in there"  Only when I stopped took my camera out and tried to photograph it did people realize that this was actually a little bat.  I tried to get close to it to photograph it better but because of the colors, and the background, I was not able to take the picture I was looking for.

The one, below, is the best I could do.  It is amazing if you realize that this little critter is our best defense against mosquitoes...

I ended up (yes, it is amazing what we do because of curiosity) walking by that spot several times that morning, and the bat was still there -- and people were walking by without noticing it.  Last time I checked on it was around 3:00 pm when I got on a cab to the airport, and yes, it was still there...

I hope it found its way to its favorite dark spot after the sun set.

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