29 September 2011

Battery Mendel

I have been to San Fransisco, all in all, about 4 times so far.  If I am not mistaken the only time that I was lucky enough with the weather was my first time which was back in the '80s.  The remaining three times it has been overcast for the most part.  I have driven over the Golden Gate bridge several times,  been to Sausalito, etc., etc.  I had never been to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  A great park, former military facility with a long history dating back to the early years of the 20th century.  There are no more canons, no rockets, no soldiers running around ready to fight foreign invaders.  Now, one can now see deer, and hikers; bikers and tourists (like moi) can find something interesting to do there.

I was very impressed by the Battery Mendel (you can read the image below for its history). 

Unfortunately, the doors to the fort were all sealed.  The windows all had bars to prevent modern (keep on reading and to see more images)
day intruders (whether they are wielding cameras or cans of spray paint).

I found a window whose bars had been bent, so I somehow managed to slip (not that easy) through them and find some interesting art.  Unfortunately, I did not have a flashlight with me and was relying on my cell-phone and the flash on my camera.  I did not venture as deep inside the battery as I could -- for some reason logic kicked in (an old, abandoned and sealed military installation is not a place that you can really trust -- decommissioning can leave a lot of gaps on the floor).

However, I was able to find some great samples of art.   Here are a few images.

Next time I am in San Francisco, if the Park Rangers have not fixed the bars, I am going in :-) (hopefully not arrested for doing so).

And, as extra credit for reading this blog entry,  here is an image from the lighthouse at the tip of the park.

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