20 July 2011

The Snail

We are in Sweden right now.  The other day I was walking down a path in a wooded area outside Stockholm and saw this nice snail.

It was crawling in the sun pretty much ready to devour the next tender leaf it
would lay its...mouth on.  Let's face it.  We never think twice of snails.  For the most part, they are harmless, occasionally annoying and often, when they reach this size, taste great with a little garlic, oil, and tomato sauce.

Bur how many have looked at a snail closer?  See what the body looks like?  Glad you thought about it.  Because I decided to take out my macro lens and get up-close-and-personal with this lovely critter.  This is what a snail's face looks like.

Say hello to Mr/Mrs snail.

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