02 July 2011

New Baby Portraits.

I just finished going through a set of baby portraits that I  shot in the studio this last week. Gianna, just had her 1st birthday, and her mom wanted to have a portrait made in her birthday dress.  Being a father myself, I know how fast they grow.  My 18 year old is off to college and it seems that the 3 year old was just born yesterday.  These fist 10-18 years go by so fast, that I encourage all my clients to make sure they record as much as possible.  Take as many pictures as possible... (OK, I am rambling now).

I chose about 20 images that show Gianna's personality.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you have any questions, please contact me trough my sites.

www.andreasthanos.com -- Commercial Photography
www.marbleheadphoto.com -- Portrait and Event Photography

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