03 March 2011

An up-and-coming photographer

There is nothing better than seeing someone whom you helped train, do better than you.  Specially if it is your own child, who at 18 is receiving great recognition for her photography.  After all don't we want our children to do better than us? So, here it goes...

It was around 2001 when I gave Kalliopi my old Canon T-50 with a 50mm and a zoom lens.  A sturdy SLR camera great for beginners.  It had manual focus and a rather sturdy body, worked with two AA batteries.  At 9, although she enjoyed posing (image below taken 2002), I could see that she had a great vision and was taking very good pictures.

Yes, at 9 she had her own camera bag in which she also carried her Minolta's APS GX-4 camera (Santa had brought her the GX-4 a couple of years earlier).  As the years passed she went through a few cameras.  She was about 12 when she started assisting me in weddings.  Carrying equipment, labeling film, and when possible using my back-up EOS shooting from her own perspective.

(for a link to her on-line portfolio click on read more)

The years passed and Kalliopi owned and worked with a series of hand-me-down cameras.  She has continued assisting me as needed with shooting.  The past couple of years she has also taken college courses in photography.  As for her cameras she now has settled with my old EOS 3 (for film photography) and a brand new Rebel (for digital photography).

Kalliopi is getting ready for college, and I cannot ignore her achievements and her great work.  You can click here for her on-line portfolio.  In a month she is going to start her high-school internship at the Annie Leibovitz studios in NYC.  But before she leaves she will enjoy the recognition that comes with Boston Globe's Gold Key award for her photography portfolio.

And of course her portfolio qualifies her for regional competitions (and possibly scholarships).  You can see some of her work at Kalliopi's Website

www.andreasthanos.com -- Commercial Photography
www.marbleheadphoto.com -- Portrait and Event Photography

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