22 November 2010

Returning Clients

I always enjoy taking portraits of young children. So, I was delighted when my client emailed me a month ago asking me to head to their home again to shoot for their family Christmas card.  (I always offer the option to shoot on location or in the studio).
For obvious reasons, it is always satisfying to have repeat clients.  But with children, I find that it is more fun to see how they have grown up since the last shoot.   Take for instance this little girl (I will not post her name).  When we shot for her family's Christmas card last year, she was only 8 days old.  This past month, she looked so much older :-).  Obviously her siblings had grown as beautifully, but I think that the changes babies' bodies and faces go through during the first year of life are amazing.

Below is the image that made it to the Christmas card:

As an FYI when I shoot children on location, I use the basic diagram below.  This way, the children have plenty of space to be children and the power cords are out of their way.

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