20 November 2010

Fort Point Channel, Boston, MA

I was walking on Summer street in Boston this afternoon, just a tad before 5:00 pm.  Over the bridge I noticed the light in the sky, and the lights reflecting in the calm water.  The red lights on the left half of the image read: "Gillette World Shaving Headquarters".
I had to take the image.  Because of the poor light, I set my camera @ ISO 1000

Turning left from where I was standing one sees a large open parking lot where hundreds of cars are parked every day.  Not many remember that in the spot where the parking lot is now, "The Channel" a rather large club used to stand, until a series of mishaps(all right, murders) forced the facility to close.  The light in the windows is a reflection of the ambient light coming from the west (since the sun had already set).

Enjoy :-)

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