06 August 2010

Photo Fanatics

Photo Fanatics is the program of the Mass Audubon Society's summer camp for children 2nd to 5th grade who want to get involved with photography.

As the guest photographer, I was able to go to the camp in Canton, MA and talk to the children about photography. Answer their questions, and give them advice. It was fun and exhausting. Specially on Thursday when the temperatures were very high, and the humidity was unbearable.

But the children were fun. We talked about how to take pictures, how you go about making sure that you do not scare wildlife, and why patience is a virtue (well, I did not use virtue, but you get my point).

At the beginning of the week, when I first visited the children, they had just taken a few pictures. But on Thursday, it was completely different. I saw some excellent images; images that were not constrained by the "rules" of horizon, focus, etc.

I really enjoyed it, and I would do it again with no hesitation. The only sad part was when a couple of children asked me: "will I see you again?" and another "will I see you again in my entire life?"

I was able to snap a couple of pictures.

We took the children to the camp grounds so that I could actually show them the benefit of keeping the distance from the subject.

Of course, keeping a distance from a barely visible dragonfly is not easy -- but I must admit that they
actually listened. (what's wrong with kids today? They listen to grown ups?)

This is the group picture.

These two campers, below, do not only enjoy photographing but HAD to be photographed :-)

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  1. Καὶ τοῦ χρόνου μὲ ὑγεία! Τὸν Δῆμο ὅμως ποῦ τὸν εἶχες ἀφήσει;