08 April 2010

Social Media, News, and Photography

I have always been interested in social media, but never thought that a blurry image I tweeted would bring a news reporter and tv-camera man to our front door. Yes, it happened to me on Tuesday evening (6 April)

As I was driving home from Boston I decided to go by Revere beach. Traffic, at the beach, was unusually heavy for the cold day we had, and I saw a large number of cars stopped. I realized that something interesting was going on. All I could see,from the road, was the head of a state trooper. I decided to stop and, indeed, there was a dolphin stranded in the shallow waters. A man in a wet suit was trying to bring it back into the deeper waters, but the dolphin was confused and was returning to the shore.

Long story short, I took several pictures (at 5:25) with my iPhone since I did not have any cameras with me -- why do interesting things happen when I do not have my gear with me? I tweeted about it (at 5:30), someone retweeted it, and around 5:50pm I received a (blocked caller id) call/voice mail from WHDH-TV, Boston's channel 7 for my permission to use it in their evening news. I did not call them back until about 6:15, and I gave them my permission.

But this is not where the story ends. A bit after 8:00 pm (we were just done with dinner) the doorbell rings, and here was Ryan Schulteis, a news reporter from channel 7 with a camera man. I gave them an unrehearsed interview!!!! (also no make-up - no styling).

The news piece is here

A big hurray for Twitter :-) It is amazing how it brings you news in real time (or should I say it spreads news like a brush fire on a Greek August day?).

Edit (April 9): Today I found out that the interview was also broadcast on Boston's Fox News Channel 25. I do not have the video clip, but I heard it from two different individuals.

-- Andréas

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