26 February 2010

New Food Images

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Dean and Paul, the co-owners of Ataraxis Tavern in Marblehead, MA shooting some food work. Although these images are not on-line yet, I decided to post a few here on my blog, just as an appetizer :-). My wife and I have had the opportunity to taste quite e few of the dishes served at Ataraxis and I can assure you that they are delicious.

Take these mussels, for instance. A nice cold beer is the perfect supplement -- since they are cooked in beer too :-)...

Or the shrimp... Excellent dish. The beauty of Ataraxis is that it is an excellent restaurant (yes with real linens) that caters to the whole family...

As for the ribs (image below) they are so tender, they just come off the bone.

If you are in/come to Marblehead, you should definitely visit Ataraxis. They have a facebook fan page (actually they have two -- but go to the one with the food images) where you can get information on their business hours, and menu.

-- Andreas

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