15 October 2009

Holiday photography

The holidays are just around the corner. From the Thanksgiving family gathering, to Christmas and New Year's. Occasions when all gather around the table for a family dinner. And of course, since family dinners are not that common anymore, it would be a great opportunity to memorialize them with a good number of photos.

A couple of years ago, around this time, I gave a lecture at the Abbott Public Library in Marblehead, MA. It was an introduction to photography presentation, and since it was before the holidays, I decided to make a point of talking about taking holiday pictures. You will find the relevant sections in slides 6-10. I made some minor changes to it, and since it is repackaged it looks brand new :-)

Of course the information there can give you some ideas as to what presents you can get your relatives who are enthusiastic about photography.

Feel free to download the slide show, and use it (if necessary) as a cheat sheet. If you have any questions you can always contact me -- my information is on the slide-show. Of course, I also offer private half day hands-on lessons for those who want a better understanding of their camera and how it works.

Click here for the slide-show.

-- Andreas
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